Reason for hate.

Dat tree. DAT TREE.

Well, It’s time to write something with content, so I’ll start off with Rewrite, or namely Shizuru’s route from Rewrite.

And you know what? SCREW THAT ENDING.

Yeah, basically I was looking forward to this route quite a lot, as Shizuru is a pretty awesome character. Problem is though, her route itself was pretty bad, and that’s not because of the story premise, but how it’s presented. It kind of lacked some impact, atleast imo. Still, there are quite a lot of cute moments which makes her route worthwhile as long as you enjoy her character itself.

Loli with long twintails, heterochromia and guns, what else can you wish for?

Loli with long twintails, heterochromia and guns, what else could you wish for?

So due to the end of the world and everything, Kotarou and Shizuru decides to part ways before the destruction of everything human (well, basically something like this) which leads us to the end of her route. We’re presented with her diary that she wrote while taking shelter with 52 other survivors. Reading through it really makes you feel sad, SO YOU’D EXPECT SOME SORT OF HAPPY ENDING WHEN THEY FINALLY GO OUT AFTER BEING THERE FOR A YEAR?
Well guess what: nope. Or well, it is happy, in a sense, but turning into a tree does not a happy end make. You basically feel hollow and like “what?” when the credits begins to roll, and you desperately hope for some sort of epilogue (none of the other routes I’ve played have an epilogue after the credits btw), and in the end you’re presented with this:

This makes me totally sad.

This makes me totally sad.

Anyhow, the ending is clearly the best part of Shizuru’s route, allthough the resolution sucks arse. It’s like those endings where the main hero/heroine saves everyone he/she cares about with the expense of his/her own life, and the last 10 minutes of the anime show you spend watching what everyone is doing in their daily life without the hero/heroine. Makes you feel sad, man.

Speaking of which, It seems like most of the endings in Rewrite gives you a bittersweet aftertaste. I’ve currently completed Kotori and Chihaya, and both endings leaves a bit to be desired. The only other KEY work I’ve played is Little Busters!, and most of the routes there had pretty nice closures (except Kurugaya’s end, but that route has a true end later), and seeing how the Kanon and Clannad animes have pretty happy endings, it feels a little unusual to have played three routes that makes me feel sad for the characters, even when the route is done. Well, ATLEAST Kotarou stays around in the first two routes I played, compared to Shizuru’s route, where he’s a motherf*cking tree!

Yeah, I’m done with my ranting. Have a Kotori pic:

Probably my favorite heroine as of now, allthough Shizuru is kawaii ;_;

Probably my favorite heroine as of now; her route makes you wanna tear down a wall sometimes. Shizuru is pretty kawaii though ;_;

Pictures make post look full of content!


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